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Debate heats up in Michigan over 50/50 parenting family law bill

A new bill is promising to bring heated debates and much controversy to the state if it hits the floor of the House next fall. Lawmakers are hoping to add new legislature to the state's family law books. The Michigan Shared Parenting Act would make 50/50 parenting an automatic ruling in most divorce cases.

Domestic abuse and gun violence introduced to family law

A representative in the state has introduced gun violence and domestic abuse legislation. The bill, known as the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act, was created in Michigan to protect those who are victims of abuse, stalking or violence. Those who have been convicted of stalking or abuse would be prevented from owning a firearm. It is a bill with which those involved in family law may want to keep up.

Understand the rules of family law

For those who are going through a divorce, there is usually the issue of property division to deal with. Often, couples will negotiate the terms of this division outside of the courtroom. When both parties agree on one or more terms of their divorce, they may mistakenly assume that that makes their decision legal. In Michigan and other states, this is not the case for family law.

Family law bill for required joint custody passes Michigan House

Those who are going through a divorce in the state may soon have new legislation to consider when it comes to decisions on child custody. A bill was recently passed by the Michigan House that would require any judge in a divorce hearing to grant custody to both parents. The only exception to this family law rule would be if there had been reports of domestic violence between the parents in the past. 

Unique issues in marriage and divorce for people in creative fields

Unique issues can arise for individuals who work in creative fields. For one, some special concerns can be present for such individuals when it comes to their relationships, such as if they are married. Such individuals generally have a very creative nature. According to a recent Huffington Post article, divorces are more common among individuals with such a nature.

Political disagreements leading to divorce?

There are many topics couples can get into disagreements over. This includes politics. Recent times have seen pretty heated discussions and disagreements about politics in U.S. society in general. Are political discussions among couples also getting quite heated these days? A recent Wakefield Research study suggests that they are for a fair number of couples.

The importance of good drafting in postnuptial agreements

Family law issues can come up at all different stages of a marriage. All manner of legal matters can arise when a marriage is ending. Also, there can be key legal issues when a marriage is about to form, such as matters regarding prenuptial agreements.

Michigan turning to data analytics for assessing child support policies

When it comes to child support matters, there are many changes that can be very impactful. One are changes in the financial circumstances of the two parents. Such changes can raise questions about the continued appropriateness of the previously established child support arrangement.

Navigating retirement asset issues in a divorce

A person’s retirement nest egg can represent many things for them. It can represent their chance to have the kind of retirement they want. It can also be a badge of honor in relation to all the hard work they have done over their life. So, retirement assets are something both members of a couple may care about quite a bit when going into a divorce.

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