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$1M personal injury settlement reached in hunting accident death

A 13-year-old boy was killed in the state while hunting squirrels back in February. The accident took place during an event that was sponsored by a church group in Oceana County, Michigan. Soon after the death, a wrongful death, personal injury lawsuit was filed on behalf of the young boy.

Personal injury lawsuit over baby's death at daycare to proceed

A default judgment was recently dropped, and a case will continue against a woman who ran a day care. The personal injury case began when a six-month-old baby girl died of suffocation after being left in a portable crib while in the woman's care. According to the claim, the woman is liable for the baby's death because she allowed the baby to nap in the crib even though it was not set up properly. This day care located in Palmyra Township, Michigan.

Railraod conductor's personal injury suit back on after mistrial

After a previous judge ordered a mistrial on a lawsuit filed by a railroad conductor, the case is back in court. The personal injury lawsuit was filed against Union Pacific, alleging that the man suffered an injury while setting railcars. Even after a mistrial is ordered in Michigan, a case can still go back to court.

Millions of additional defective airbags identified

Could it be that millions of cars on the road still could be potential deathtraps because of the very things that are supposed to save lives, their airbags? Indeed, this may be very disappointing and scary, but it appears that Japanese airbag manufacturer remains under fire for providing potentially defective airbags to multiple automakers.

Victim's family sues bar, drunk driver in personal injury case

One man is dead and another could spend 20 years behind bars after an accident on a country road, but that is not where the story ends for the family of the deceased. A drunk driver ran a stop sign in rural Michigan and killed a 58-year-old man who had five kids of his own, 17 grandkids and was raising 2 boys whom he had adopted. Now the family has decided to file a personal injury case not only against the driver, but against the bar that served him as well.

Personal injury and negligence laws in Michigan

Personal injury cases are typically based upon evidence of negligence. In Michigan, negligence occurs when one party does not exercise a certain level of care for another and the other person is injured because of it. Of course, if the plaintiff is negligent as well, then the amount of damages that he or she can recover in a personal injury claim is reduced by the degree of his or her own fault.

What types of distracted driving are (and aren’t) illegal in Michigan?

Distracted driving comes in various types. Michigan law treats different types of distracted driving differently. Today, we will go over the legal status of some notable types of distracted driving here in Michigan.

Fatal winter weather car accidents in Michigan

Each season can carry its own particular safety concerns with it when it comes to the roads. Here in Michigan, winter can bring with it a lot of different types of weather that can pose major safety hazards on the roads. Examples of such weather conditions include snowfall, snow squalls, ice, sleet and freezing rain.

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