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Family law considerations when divorcing early in a marriage

Whether it happens 50 days or 50 years in, divorce can happen for a variety of reasons. Divorces which take place within the first year of a marriage can raise eyebrows, but there are many behind-the-scenes reasons that these breakups could make sense for the parties involved. There may be fewer legal considerations when ending a young marriage, though shared property or children must still be considered under Michigan family law.

Between 30 and 32 percent of first marriages end before the first 10 years are up. Three of the more common reasons a marriage will end early on are infidelity, personality change and age. While the first is frequently discussed, the other two can often be overlooked or misunderstood.

Family law considerations when getting married later in life

Couples getting married at any stage in life should think about long term plans and property ownership. However, those getting married later in life may have more assets and be in the thick of estate planning, giving them more to consider when tying the knot. Here are some of the unique family law issues that older engaged couples in Michigan should keep in mind when planning for a happy and financially healthy future together.

Unless otherwise dictated in long-term planning documents, Michigan family law gives a spouse a great deal of rights and responsibility with long-term care. For example, a spouse may be able to make end-of-life decisions, as well as being given financial control should their partner become incapacitated. Those marrying later in life may prefer that children have more control over finances and decisions than the new spouse. Certain legal documents will need to be drafted to communicate these plans and desires and have them carried out under family law.

The 3 dangerous D's of driving

So many factors play a role in the safety of driving, from driver experience to vehicle safety to road conditions. Some of these factors are in your control, but others are not, especially those involving other motorists.

As you drive around, be aware of these three dangers you may face on the road so you can take steps to avoid an accident.

Family law and custody knowledge is important for schools

Conflict at home can often have an influence on many aspects of a child's life. For this reason, it is a good idea for Michigan teachers and administrators to have an understanding of how family law conflicts can affect the children involved and how to keep students safe during a custody dispute. A thorough visitor management process and staff trained in child custody paperwork are good methods to keep children safe in these cases.

Custody disputes do not only result from conflict between two parents. Grandparents, biological parents following an adoption and other family members can also be a kidnapping threat during a time of family conflict. Michigan schools may face issues when noncustodial family members try to pick up children with the intention of violating family law. 

3 practical reasons why millennials should be creating wills

If you are in your 20s or 30s, estate planning may be one of the last things on your mind. You may assume you do not need to write a will until you are 50 or 60. But while your priorities may be making rent payments, trying to build a family or building your career, you should not delay creating an estate plan. Having a plan for what happens to your assets once you die is essential even when you are young.

But why is it so important for young people to make a will? Here are some reasons you should start estate planning sooner rather than later.

Is infidelity relevant in family law proceedings?

Breakups involving infidelity often involve a great deal of emotion and hostility. This can show itself in many ways, including when it comes time to establish custody and child support agreements. Many Michigan couples facing these disputes may wonder whether infidelity is relevant in family law proceedings related to shared children. 

Often in family law disputes, the ex who is cheated on feels that they are entitled to more compensation because of the circumstances of the breakup. However, the reason for a breakup is not relevant in most Michigan separations and divorces. Like most states, Michigan has no-fault divorce, which means that people cannot be penalized or receive more assets and alimony due to the reasons for the divorce.

Bird nesting a new approach to marital home family law issues

What to do with the marital home and where to live after a divorce is one of the biggest challenges people face when ending a marriage. While state family law can settle particularly contentious property distribution issues for Michigan couples, many look to alternative arrangements in the interim of a final resolution. Keeping the marital home for the kids and rotating the parent who lives there is becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly for wealthy divorcees.

The trend is called "bird nesting," and is often attempted by parents looking for a way to make the divorce easier for their children. There are certainly some positives for this arrangement. For example, waiting to sell or move from the marital home can be financially wise. It gives the home more time to increase in value, or else allows for a lease to expire.

Expansion of surveillance camera may affect criminal defense

Video evidence, such as security footage, often plays a major role in criminal trials. Michigan criminal defense attorneys may be dealing with an increasing amount of this type of evidence thanks to an expansion to Detroit's real-time surveillance monitoring program. According to the mayor's office, there are plans to roll this controversial system out to educational institutions throughout the school.

Randolph Career Technical Education School was the first to receive the system, with almost 24 new cameras surrounding the school. The cameras at the school, along with the planned installations at other educational buildings in the city, is an expansion of Project Green Light. This program streams footage live into the Detroit Police Department. Although it has not yet enabled police to stop crimes as they are happening, the cameras elsewhere in the city have helped solve crimes afterwards.

Will self-driving cars lead to more personal injury claims?

Michigan readers are aware that many tech companies and automakers are in the testing phase for their models of self-driving vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are no longer a prospect of the distant future, but they are a reality that is coming soon to Michigan roads. There are some who have concerns over the safety of these vehicles, particularly in light of the condition of state roads, wondering if they could possibly lead to an increase in the number of personal injury incidents.

While several states already allow the testing of these vehicles, Michigan is preparing for these vehicles to be on the road at some point in the future. However, poor road conditions could make it difficult for self-driving vehicles to safely maneuver. In the future, the increase in self-driving vehicles will lead to changes in the roads, but many fear that the state that cannot keep roads in good condition now may not be able to keep up with this specific requirement in the future. 

Divorce among older couples often requires family law guidance

At the start of the marriage, most Michigan couples assume that they will live happily ever after. However, as these same couples raise their families and spend their time planning for their future retirement, they begin to realize that their version of happily ever after may not include a future with their current spouse. As couples approach retirement age, the decisions to divorce can have a lasting impact on their financial future. With this in mind, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is often in the individual's best interest.

Research indicates that divorce among couples over the age of 50 is on the rise. In fact, this number has almost doubled in the past 20 years. Additionally, divorce among those over the age of 65 has almost tripled during the same time period. A significant number of older couples are deciding that growing old alone is preferable to remaining in an unhappy marriage.

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