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August 2012 Archives

Child support modifications sometimes necessary

Child support is a bill that needs to be paid and paid on time. Missing child support payments is not an option in the eyes of the court. Because child support is for the benefit and welfare of the child, courts take these payments very seriously. Children are often the innocent victims in divorce cases and their protection is paramount, which is why courts use mandated state guidelines in determining child support payment amounts.

Divorcing wife seeks jailed husband's pension and retirement

It goes without saying that there are many difficult issues to confront in the process of dissolving a marriage. A divorce can become especially messy if the marriage was long and if children are involved. Specifically, one major issue in divorce is the division of marital property. With the legal breakup comes the task of figuring out how pensions, real property and other assets will be divided.

Different state laws may affect rights of unwed couples

Determining child custody between parents can be a tricky matter. But the issue may be even more complicated with unmarried couples. Michigan laws are starting to change with the times in regard to the rights of unmarried parents. Our state recognizes that it benefits children and the family dynamic when both parents remain in the picture. But not all states have this forward-thinking approach, and different state laws become an issue when custodial parents move to different states.

Child support: Michigan high court says parents must prove poverty

The Michigan Supreme Court recently ruled that impoverished parents can defend themselves in criminal cases that result from unpaid child support. Parents can do this by showing that it was impossible for them to pay the amount of child support ordered by the court.

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