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October 2012 Archives

Michigan parents will find no way around paying child support

Paying child support is not optional. Child support payments have to be paid and they have to be paid in a timely fashion. The child support money a court requires a parent to pay goes to the financial well-being of the child of parents who are no longer together. Because of the particular attention courts give to children of broken relationships, the courts do not like when child support payments are not made or are ignored by the party that is supposed to pay. Incarceration is a possible, and in some case probable, punishment for failure to pay child support.

Divorce now allowed for the mentally disabled

Most people who want to get married are legally allowed to do so. Many states are even moving toward allowing same-sex couples to marry legally. And on the other end of the spectrum, the ability to end a marriage is a well-established. Everyone that is married has the right to get a divorce, if they so choose. However, this was not the case for the mentally disabled. Those who were considered mentally disabled and had a guardian appointed to speak on their behalf did not have the ability to divorce in most cases. The guardian did not have the power in the eyes of the court to promote divorce -- until now.

A couple's sexual orientation affects child custody

In traditional married couples, same-sex couples and unmarried couples, child custody is a huge issue and often becomes a point of contention when couples decide to end their relationship. The children are impacted the most by the split because their entire family structure changes and requires adjustment. Especially if the children are at an age where they understand the situation and what it means for them, it can be particularly traumatic. When dealing with child custody cases, all adult parties involved should make a concerted effort to protect the children.

Uncontested divorce may save time, emotional stress

While not every marriage will end in divorce, any given couple faces a substantial probability that they will go through the process of dissolving their marriage one day. No matter how long a couple has been married, divorce may still happen. Sometimes, divorce is the best outcome for a troubled, turbulent marriage, even if the marriage has managed to last for a number of years. Going through a divorce can breathe new life in to a spouse living in an unworkable situation, and the process itself does not have to be adversarial or bitter.

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