Michigan parents will find no way around paying child support

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Paying child support is not optional. Child support payments have to be paid and they have to be paid in a timely fashion. The child support money a court requires a parent to pay goes to the financial well-being of the child of parents who are no longer together. Because of the particular attention courts give to children of broken relationships, the courts do not like when child support payments are not made or are ignored by the party that is supposed to pay. Incarceration is a possible, and in some case probable, punishment for failure to pay child support.

A well-known producer, Scott Storch, is wanted by the police for failure to pay over $28,000 in child support payments to the mother of his child. In addition to failing to pay the past due amount in child support, Storch also failed to appear for a court date dealing with the same issue. The court wants Storch to appear in court to answer for why he has not made the requisite child support payments, and will now use the assistance of law enforcement to accomplish that goal.

When it comes to paying child support, courts in most states including Michigan, give the one responsible for the payments relief under circumstances if that relief is requested. A court may allow a modification of child support if it finds that the current amount is placing the person paying child support in financial hardship. There of course has to be proof of this financial hardship before this type of relief is granted. Exercising this option is usually much better than simply ignoring a child support order.

Child support payments must be paid. The payments are for the child and the courts do not take kindly to their orders being ignored.

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