Uncontested divorce may save time, emotional stress

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While not every marriage will end in divorce, any given couple faces a substantial probability that they will go through the process of dissolving their marriage one day. No matter how long a couple has been married, divorce may still happen. Sometimes, divorce is the best outcome for a troubled, turbulent marriage, even if the marriage has managed to last for a number of years. Going through a divorce can breathe new life in to a spouse living in an unworkable situation, and the process itself does not have to be adversarial or bitter.

Lisa Whelchel, a former cast member on the “Facts of Life” and a cast member on “Survivor: Philippines” recently divorced her husband of 23 years. The divorce was uncontested and took only months to complete. Apparently, Ms. Whelchel secretly divorced her husband. She had the paperwork for the divorce completed, but decided to hold off on going through with the divorce until her youngest child entered college. Once that happened, Ms. Whelchel went forward.

States like Michigan have different rules governing divorce procedures. In Michigan and elsewhere, uncontested divorces are usually the easiest divorces to finalize. Uncontested divorces mean that both parties are in agreement and accept the terms of the divorce. While an uncontested divorce may be in all parties’ best interests and save considerable time and stress, they can carry with them their own set of complications. Sometimes, a person going through an uncontested divorce may still need outside assistance.

Because divorce happens, knowing how to deal with it when it arises is important for peace of mind and overall well-being. Hopefully, some forethought and mental preparation on the part of both spouses will result an uncontested divorce that is easier on everybody. When an uncontested divorce is simply not possible, Michigan law ensures that both parties can both have their day in court and get a reasonable share of marital property.

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