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December 2012 Archives

Pro athlete liable for delinquent child support

Michigan courts try to be fair to all parties in cases that involve parents and their children. For example, when making child support decisions, the court looks at all of the facts and circumstances involved in the case and makes a determination based on such. As the situation changes, people who are paying child support can petition the court to modify the support order to fit their changed circumstances.

Grandparents taking over child custody where necessary

In instances of divorce, child custody is one of the main issues that must be decided. When it comes to child custody, Michigan family law courts look to ensure that the child is placed in a situation where the child will thrive emotionally and physically. To do this, the courts use the best interest of the child standard to determine where and with whom the child or children will live. It is a major decision in the lives of children who face this type of situation because it affects who they are and inevitably how they will grow into adulthood. Hence, the courts take child custody matters very seriously.

Rodman facing jail time for child support back pay owed

As many Michigan residents know, it is crucial to make consistent and timely child support payments if one is so obligated. These payments are court mandated and must be paid no matter the circumstances. If one is unable to make his or her child support payments due to a significant change in circumstances such as a lost job and substantially increased monthly expenses, one must seek a child support modification order promptly. Child support payments are important because they go directly to the benefit of the child. If the payments are not made, then the child suffers. Further, the individual who fails to make the payments could face serious consequences.

Length of marriage has no bearing on divorce

Couples who have been married for a long time still can get divorced. No matter the length of time that a couple has been together, this amount of time cannot stave off a divorce if the married couple is not doing well. Marriage is difficult and takes a lot of work. The longer that you have been married and if children are involved, the more difficult marriage becomes. With greater responsibility in a marriage, come greater burdens and most likely more stressful situations. That is not to say that all marriages end in divorce, but divorce is a very real outcome for those who are not happy in the marriage.

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