Pro athlete liable for delinquent child support

| Dec 28, 2012 | Child Support |

Michigan courts try to be fair to all parties in cases that involve parents and their children. For example, when making child support decisions, the court looks at all of the facts and circumstances involved in the case and makes a determination based on such. As the situation changes, people who are paying child support can petition the court to modify the support order to fit their changed circumstances.

A professional football player for the Detroit Lions, Dominic Raiola, is in a battle with a woman over child support. The woman filed with the court seeking monetary assistance for child support, health care expenses, attorney’s fees, insurance payments and child care costs.

Apparently, there was an agreed upon amount that Raiola was paying but he stopped making the payments. Accordingly, the mother asked the courts to intervene.

In this case, like all other child support cases, the court will consider all of the circumstances and make a decision on what the parties need to do.

Courts also take care of situations where there was an agreement made between the parties without the court and now that agreement has changed to the detriment of the child. Because child support is for the financial support of the child, the court wants to ensure that the payments in fact occur.

Parents who owe child support must make their payments in a timely fashion. If they fail to do this, the courts will get involved and do what is necessary to protect the best interested of the child.

Source: MLive, “Lions center Dominic Raiola sued for halting monthly $16,500 child support payments”, Khalil AlHajal, Dec. 18, 2012

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