Rodman facing jail time for child support back pay owed

| Dec 12, 2012 | Child Support |

As many Michigan residents know, it is crucial to make consistent and timely child support payments if one is so obligated. These payments are court mandated and must be paid no matter the circumstances. If one is unable to make his or her child support payments due to a significant change in circumstances such as a lost job and substantially increased monthly expenses, one must seek a child support modification order promptly. Child support payments are important because they go directly to the benefit of the child. If the payments are not made, then the child suffers. Further, the individual who fails to make the payments could face serious consequences.

No one is immune to paying child support. When a relationship ends and there are children involved, paying child support is a natural outgrowth. Michigan residents know that all divorcing couple with children go through this sort of payment obligation regardless of race, religion or status in society. For instance, Dennis Rodman, an ex-professional basketball player, owes $500K in delinquently child support payments. The court sentenced Rodman to informal probation and stated that he could face significant jail time if the payments are not made. Rodman and his ex-wife have two children.

Because paying child support is such a complex matter, it is usually left up to the courts to decide who pays, how much and when. Often times, there is a payment schedule that is set up so that everyone is on the same page with respect to the payments. The courts are not the bad guy in this; they just want to make sure that the children are provided for. With that being said, if a person who is ordered to pay child support is having financial difficulties in pay, the court does take that into consideration and will modify child support orders if applicable.

Paying child support is an important function and should be taken seriously. Incarceration is a possible punishment for failure to pay.

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