Father and grandmother face charges in Michigan child custody dispute

| Jan 15, 2013 | Child Custody |

With divorce comes a number of issues that have to be addressed. Where the parties to the divorce have children, custody of the children is a primary concern for the parents as well as for the court handling the divorce proceedings. Because children are innocent bystanders when parents get divorced, the court takes great pains to ensure that the children’s needs are met at every turn. The courts do this by adhering to the best interest of the child standard.

Because child custody can be a volatile issue in divorce cases, sometimes people act in contravention of what the court mandates. In Marquette, Michigan, a father and grandmother were recently arrested and charged with kidnapping, specifically custodial interference, when they refused to return the child to the mother. The mother alerted the police when she reported her son missing.

Parties are often times not happy with the child custody arrangement the court mandates. But in making its determination, the court looks at what is in the child’s interest mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. There are instances where the court will address the child directly and get input from the child on custody matters. It is also possible to modify existing custody and visitation arrangements due to changed circumstances. .

Child custody issues can turn ugly and people involved in these types of situations may want to take matters into their own hands. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. Due to the complex nature of child custody disputes, it is essential to be well informed and prepared in order to obtain the best possible result.

Source: The Mining Journal, “2 face kidnapping charges in child custody case”, Adelle Whitefoot, January 5, 2013

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