Common questions that arise for couples considering divorce

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When married couples in Michigan are struggling in their relationship, emotions often run high and it can be difficult to come to terms with what needs to be done to better the situation for all that are involved, including children. In many cases, divorce may be the best next step. However, once a couple decides to divorce, the situation does not necessarily get immediately easier as they must now venture into the legal realities of separation.

Some couples may know that the end of a marriage can be accompanied by many questions and uncertainties. Thus, many Brighton residents may be interested in a recent news story that was released to help answer some of the most common questions that come to mind when a couple decides upon divorce. Among the most common questions and the main points answered were how long a divorce takes, the cost of divorce and the effectiveness of a “Do It Yourself” divorce.

According to one legal professional, the length of time and amount of money it takes to get divorced can vary greatly depending on each unique situation. However, it typically takes between 12 and 18 months to get divorced from start to finish. A divorce can cost as much, or maybe even more, than the wedding. The cost depends largely upon the couple’s ability to be civil with each other and how much they disagree. Divorces that have more disagreement and fighting can often end up being more expensive.

To that point, Do-it-yourself divorces can work in some situations and may appear more cost-effective up front. However, Michigan residents should be cautious of DIY proceedings because of the difficulty filing paperwork with the court system, the challenge of discovery without the assistance of an attorney, the complexity of asset division, tax issues and problems understanding rules regarding testimony, cross-examination and the court system.

As demonstrated in the discussion highlighted in the article, it is clear that divorce can be complex due to an array of issues such as division of marital property, child custody, child support and spousal support and parenting time and visitation. Although the prospect may seem daunting, experienced attorneys can help those looking to divorce understand their situation and help plan a path forward.

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