Musician gets behind on child support payments

| Feb 27, 2013 | Child Support |

Child support payments are ordered so that the children of a divorced or separated couple are financially secure. Since children do not usually have a say in whether or not parents stay together, a child’s interest needs to be protected and this is what the courts are there to do. Therefore, in making child support decisions, the courts look at the best interest of the child and use that criteria, along with others, to set the amount of child support that needs to be paid.

It was recently reported that Cash O’Riley, a somewhat famous musician, has learned that he needs to make child supports payments in a timely fashion. The court delayed sentencing O’Riley to possible jail time and instructed him to pay $278 a month in payments. This is not O’Riley’s first run in with the law or with possible jail. He was incarcerated before for being more than $34,000 in arrears in support payments. For this infraction, he spent approximately 20 days in jail.

The courts are not looking to place individuals who have to pay child support in financial turmoil. But the courts will take the appropriate actions when people do not live up to their financial obligations. The court will work with people who have difficulty in making child support payments, but this has to be communicated to the court. Child support modification and other types of relief are available for those individuals with financial hardships. However, non-payment is never a viable option in the eyes of the court.

Paying child support on time is a requirement and not an option. The courts usually deal with delinquent payments and non-payment of child support strictly.

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