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April 2013 Archives

In divorce, a positive attitude can set a productive tone

Divorce has become a reality for countless residents of Michigan and beyond. That is not to say that all marriages end in divorce, but it's impossible to deny that there is a good amount of them that do. Thankfully, though, there is no longer a stigma attached to divorce. Even though divorce denotes the end of a marriage, it does not signal the end of the world. Sometimes, divorce is the best solution in a situation where the marriage is just not working anymore.

Lottery winner is still accountable for child support

There is no escape from making child support payments. Paying child support is a court mandate; it is not an optional obligation. Courts in Michigan do not allow for continuous delinquent payments or non-payment of child support. In making the determination for child support, the courts take into account a number of factors as they pertain to the particular case. A formula is used by the courts to calculate the amount of child support that a mother or father must regularly pay.

Unmarried couples having children is commonplace in society

The trend of first-time mothers having children while unmarried is on the rise in America, and there are societal issues and problems that may occur as a result. However, unmarried couples who have children are still entitled to legal protections as parents.

Michigan program helps with child support

Payment of child support is not optional. The courts take child support obligations very seriously and want people to know that they need to satisfy their obligations when it comes to paying child support. At times, when people are delinquent in paying child support, the courts will use incarceration as a way to get people to pay because most people don't want to go to jail. There are other options available to encourage payment, as one Michigan community is demonstrating.

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