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May 2013 Archives

Court involvement in child support issues is sometimes necessary

No matter what one's status is in society, Michigan residents understand that divorce can bring along many challenging issues. One big ticket issue that must be resolved is child support. The resolution of child support issues can be done amicably among the parties. However, the reality of the situation is that during a divorce or a break-up of any kind, emotions run high and the likelihood that parents can come to a determination about child support without court intervention is unlikely. It is often the case that the courts will be involved when it comes to issues of child support.

Unorthodox child custody placement may be necessary

In making child custody decisions, Michigan courts are bound to utilize the best interests of the child standard. In applying this standard, the court looks at where the child would thrive both physically and emotionally. Child custody is not about the parents and their needs and wants. Child custody decisions are based on the needs and wants of the child, and the court attempt to do everything it can to guard and protect the child when making this type of decision. It makes sense for a judge to devote a great deal care to this type of decision, because where a child is placed is extremely important to both the child's future development and his or her overall wellbeing.

NBA star, Steve Nash, scores a victory in child support dispute

As divorces become more common, so do child support disputes between parents. This is true for all income levels. Even if both parents agree that the child support agreement should be fair, they may disagree as to what exactly "fair" means. However, it is important for both parents to realize that the main issue is making sure the children are adequately taken care of financially. Many Michigan readers may be able to relate to the following news story, even if they are not professional athletes.

Michigan woman fights to change state child custody rules

A Michigan woman who is also a high school principal is fighting to prevent her ex-husband from having any visitation rights with the parties' 6-year-old daughter. The ex-husband is a convicted sex offender, having pled no contest to soliciting teenage girls online.

Child custody issues with respect to same-sex couples

Unmarried couples have their own issues with child support and child custody. It can be surmised that same-sex couples also have problems when it comes to child support and child custody. Arguably, it is even more difficult dealing with these two issues when involved in a same-sex couple because they do not necessarily receive the same rights and privileges from the courts as traditional married couples. This can definitely throw a wrench into how same-sex couples are permitted to handle issues of child custody and child support.

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