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June 2013 Archives

Going through a divorce requires patience, prudence and planning

There are a number of issues that have to be resolved in a divorce. If there are children involved, the issues can become that much more complex and complicated. Child custody, child support, visitation schedule, alimony payments, possible spousal support, property division and the like are all things that come with a divorce. A divorce can be amicable but it seems that most are not. As such, the person with the better strategy will fare better in a divorce proceeding. So, it is important to be prepared once the topic of divorce comes up.

Kidnapping in child custody cases a very real phenomenon

With divorce come a number of issues that must be resolved. Property division, spousal support, alimony, visitation plans, custody and parenting time are just among a few of the issues that require resolution during a divorce. By far the most difficult matters to resolve, though, are usually those that involve children. Divorces are extremely emotional situations to begin with; however, when determinations are made about the children and where they will be living, a divorce proceeding has the potential to become explosive.

The reality is that divorce can be costly

Divorce is difficult to go through on any level. Not only do people have to sort out child support problems, custody issues, visitation battles and dividing property-- but, people going through a divorce also have to consider what it is going to cost to get a divorce. Getting a divorce can be expensive and this may affect how other aspects of the divorce proceedings may play out. Lawyers aren't free and many divorce lawyers may charge a hefty sum to ensure that the divorce is done properly and above reproach.

Property rights for same-sex couples are difficult to come by

Unmarried couples can fall in two different categories. There is the traditional unmarried couple consisting of a man and a woman and then there is the non-traditional unmarried couple, which can encompass same-sex couples. Although there are states that now recognize same-sex marriage and afford these couples all of the privileges that go with a traditional marriage, there are still states that do not recognize same-sex marriages. As such, these non-traditional married couples have to fight for the same rights and property rights are one of them.

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