The reality is that divorce can be costly

| Jun 14, 2013 | Divorce |

Divorce is difficult to go through on any level. Not only do people have to sort out child support problems, custody issues, visitation battles and dividing property– but, people going through a divorce also have to consider what it is going to cost to get a divorce. Getting a divorce can be expensive and this may affect how other aspects of the divorce proceedings may play out. Lawyers aren’t free and many divorce lawyers may charge a hefty sum to ensure that the divorce is done properly and above reproach.

Breaking down the cost of a divorce is not easy to do because there are many variables at play. For instance, most parties to a divorce know that they are going to have to pay attorney’s fees and other court costs that are associated with a divorce. However, many Michigan residents may not be aware that, when dealing with realty, there are costs that come with that as well. Record deed fees and refinancing costs are a few of the realty-based fees that may be applicable in a divorce.

Knowing what you want out of the divorce and understanding the process may go a long way to keeping the cost of your divorce down. That is not to say that things may happen during the divorce proceedings that might drive that cost up, but as in life, there are no guarantees when going through this type of situation. Preparation, acting swiftly and a prenuptial agreement may be the keys to combatting an expensive divorce.

Many substantive issues need to be addressed when considering a divorce. However, divorce is an important decision that impacts the whole family and Michigan couples should take all steps possible to ensure their divorce is amicable and equitable.

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