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August 2013 Archives

Understanding the growing trend of "gray divorce"

Michigan Baby Boomers may be noticing a trend among their married friends: divorce. It was once a rarity when senior citizens or couples married for 20 years or more got divorced. In 1900, the divorce rate for those ages 50 and older was 1 in 10. Now, it is more than doubled to 1 in 4. What are the reasons for this trend?

Study gauges the probability of divorce on certain groups

The reality is that a number of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is a legal proceeding whereby the parties to the marriage are looking to dissolve their union. The courts are the only entity that can grant a divorce. Depending on the state where the marriage took place, that will determine the rules and regulations that govern the divorce. Each state is different with respect to how a couple can get a divorce. The timeframes and guidelines vary and knowing them is critical in securing a proper divorce.

Michigan court granted custody to non-family members

When a couple splits up, there are certain ramifications from the break up, especially when children are involved. Having to determine where the child/children will be placed in child custody situations is very emotional and can be very painful for the parties involved. Not everyone will be happy with the court's decision in child custody cases because ultimately a court decision will award custody of the child to one party over another. Child custody determinations have a lasting impact on everyone.

Basketball star given sole custody forced to allow visitation

A number of issues play into Michigan child custody decisions. First and foremost, whatever the court decides in child custody cases is what governs the parties. With this being the case, if the parties can come to a child custody agreement without court intervention, that approach may be better for the parties involved. However, there are instances when the parties cannot come to an amicably fair decision and the courts need to get involved. The courts' primary focus is the well being of the children, and they use the best interests of the child standard as their guiding principle.

Michigan law has nonbiological father paying child support

When parents get divorced, one of the biggest matters that has to be settled is who will have primary custody of the children. Once custody is decided then the affected parties will have to participate in paying for the child's support. In determining the amount of child support payments Michigan courts use a standard formula that takes into account the obligated parent's ability to pay.

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