Study gauges the probability of divorce on certain groups

| Aug 23, 2013 | Divorce |

The reality is that a number of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is a legal proceeding whereby the parties to the marriage are looking to dissolve their union. The courts are the only entity that can grant a divorce. Depending on the state where the marriage took place, that will determine the rules and regulations that govern the divorce. Each state is different with respect to how a couple can get a divorce. The timeframes and guidelines vary and knowing them is critical in securing a proper divorce.

There are a plethora of reasons why a couple decides to get divorced. A number of studies on divorce try to pinpoint some of those reasons. A recent study contends that the people who are married who have siblings are not as likely to get a divorce. The idea behind this claim is that siblings learn how to interact with others and use those interaction and communication skills in adult relationships like marriage. This is not to say that all married people with siblings will not get a divorce. The study is merely suggesting that there is likelihood that people with siblings stand a slightly better chance of staying in the marriage.

Whether parties to a couple have siblings or not, if the couple decides to part ways, then there are a number of issues that have to be resolved before the divorce is finalized. The nature of the marriage will set the stage of what has to be handled in the divorce. For instance, if children are involved, then child custody and child support decisions have to be made. Visitation schedules and parenting time also have to be determined. With respect to personal property that was acquired during the marriage, the property has to be distributed between the parties. All of these sorts of matters can become complex specifically in instances where the parties are at odds

The ending of a marriage is never an easy time for anyone involved. Even though there are studies that discuss the probability of certain groups not getting a divorce, this does not negate that it can still happen. Understanding the divorce processes can go a long way is making the transition a little easier for all involved.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study Shows That People With More Siblings Are Less Likely To Divorce,” August 13, 2013

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