Remarrying is usually not a viable option post-divorce

| Sep 19, 2013 | Divorce |

There was a time when marriages normally lasted forever. People were true to the vows that they took and divorce was a “dirty word”. However, in todays society the reality is that divorce is commonplace. The stigma that once went along with divorce is no longer there, and more and more Michigan residents are leaving marital situations that they do not find favorable. Seemingly, divorce is a part of marriage. The likelihood that a marriage will last 40-plus years is just not that usual anymore.

Moreover, studies have shown that, once a person gets a divorce, the chance that the person will remarry is lessened. Apparently, this is true more so for women than men.

The consensus is that the remarriage rate is down because people are more apt to cohabitate than to remarry. This way a couple can live together and not worry about the legalese of marriage and all that that entails. Additionally, a lot goes into getting married, meaning that there are a lot of emotions involved, mostly happiness and joy. When it comes to ending a marriage, those emotions turn into something not so happy, which is very difficult to handle.

Not only do people have to deal with the emotional aspect of marriage, there is also the practical aspect that couples must contend with as well. Divorce is a legal proceeding, whereby a couple is making the decision to dissolve their marriage.

Depending on the state where the marriage took place, there are different rule and regulations governing this process. The courts will look at dividing the property and any other pertinent assets. Also, if children are involved, the court will have to make child custody and visitation decisions.

It seems that divorce rates are on the rise and remarriage is not as popular. With that being said, in getting a divorce, it is imperative to know the applicable laws and statutes so that one’s rights are protected.

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