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October 2013 Archives

Non-biological parent in same-sex marriage loses child custody

The definition of what constitutes a Michigan unmarried couple has changed as society has changed. A couple no longer consists solely of a man and a woman. Nowadays a same-sex pairing is considered a couple. So when speaking of child custody and child visitation with respect to unmarried couples, both traditional and same-sex couples are part of the discussion. However, because the laws dealing with same-sex relationships is still so undefined in a number of areas, answering questions of child custody, visitation and support, as a result of that type of relationship, can be difficult and complex.

There can be astronomical expenses with divorce

For non-celebrities, divorce can play havoc on one's finances. Depending on the relationship of the parties during the divorce and how the parties handle their divorce, a lot of money may change hands throughout this proceeding. The financial status of the parties in the divorce will ultimately dictate the monetary outcome. Celebrities who get divorced, specifically those that do not have a prenuptial agreement, will probably end up paying a substantial amount of money in a divorce.

Detroit woman divorces man facing 28-year sentence

There are a number of reasons that couples get divorced. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce, but other reasons include growing apart from one another, wanting different things out of the marriage and falling out of love. All of these reasons are extremely painful to face for those going through ending their marriage. The emotions and the excitement involved in getting married quickly turn into something else when experiencing a divorce. Although getting through a divorce is difficult psychologically and emotionally, it does represent the end of something negative and paves the way for the start of something else.

Divorce can impact physical and psychological health

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Those going through a divorce have to deal with all that a divorce proceeding entails, and this includes, but is not limited to, handling prenuptial agreements, fighting for child custody, making visitation plans, as well as dealing with property division, spousal support, alimony and child support issues. Divorce is an emotional time and can have detrimental physical and psychological side effects.

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