Famous rapper seeks child support reduction

| Nov 21, 2013 | Child Support |

The main thing to remember in divorce or separation situations is that the children are impacted by the whole process. Children do not necessarily have a voice when matters of divorce rear its ugly head and this is unfortunate because they need to be protected throughout this process. With that being said, the courts look to ensure that the children of divorce are taken care of emotionally, financially and physically. In doing this, the courts will use a child support formula to determine what someone has to pay in child support.

A member of a famous rap group, the Ying-Yang Twins, has made a plea to the courts that he cannot afford the child support payments that were ordered by the courts. Apparently, the rap artist claimed that he no longer makes the money that he used to make when the child support order was first handed down. As such, he requested that the court lessen the amount of child support that he had to pay each month. Based on documentation that was provided to the court, the child support payments were lowered.

The courts are not looking to put someone in financial arrears when it comes to child support. The whole purpose of child support is to ensure that the child is taken care of and financially secure as they go through life. Often times, the custodial parent will petition the court for child support to assist with the rearing of the child. When this is done, the courts use a formula to determine how much money should be paid on a monthly basis for the child’s care.

The courts are not looking to put child support payers in financial straights. They are looking to work with individuals to ensure that the payments are fair and justifiable.

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