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December 2013 Archives

Well-known couple divorces citing irreconcilable differences

Divorce equates to a death, the death of the relationship. When a couple gets a divorce it impacts not only the couple but also the families, friends and loved ones of the couple. It is a difficult time for all involved and an extremely emotional time as well. In most cases, divorce is a welcome resolution to a familial situation that has already eroded. Although no one gets married with the thought of getting a divorce, the truth of the matter is that it happens rather frequently.

Changing the name on the house as part of divorce settlement

Divorce brings with it not only a lot of emotional baggage but also a lot of other baggage. The other issues consist of all those things that have to be addressed during a divorce like asset evaluation, modifications and agreements as they pertain to the divorce child support and custody issues, property division, spousal support, alimony and anything else that may come up. Divorces can be complex matters that involve a number of moving parts.

A courts child custody decision leads to a parental mistake

Determining the custody of a child is one of the more difficult decisions that the courts have to make. Judges do not likely enjoy telling a parent that they can no longer have unfettered access to their child. Courts typically get involved in child custody cases in the first place usually because the parties cannot come to some type of agreement with respect to custody, or because the child needs the court intervention for some reason. The court utilizes the best interest of the child standard whenever it has to make a child custody order.

Parents with troubles collecting child support may have options

Both parents seeking to collect child support as well as those that may be experiencing difficulty paying child support may consider seeking help through the legal system.

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