A courts child custody decision leads to a parental mistake

| Dec 12, 2013 | Child Custody |

Determining the custody of a child is one of the more difficult decisions that the courts have to make. Judges do not likely enjoy telling a parent that they can no longer have unfettered access to their child. Courts typically get involved in child custody cases in the first place usually because the parties cannot come to some type of agreement with respect to custody, or because the child needs the court intervention for some reason. The court utilizes the best interest of the child standard whenever it has to make a child custody order.

It is instinctive and natural for parents to want to be with their children but that is not always the best situation for the child. There are instances where the parents are not in a position in life to properly care for their child, which is when court intervention is key.

A couple in Battle Creek, Michigan was recently arrested and are being charged with kidnapping their child. Apparently the child was placed with relatives for the child’s own protection. The parents obviously did not agree with the placement and took it upon themselves to remove their child from the court-appointed placement. They now face criminal charges.

When the courts mandate a placement in child custody cases, emotions get involved. The parent or parents that are not getting custody are understandably very upset with the court’s decision and sometimes this can lead to inappropriate actions on the part of the affected parent. But courts do not child custody matters lightly and their decisions are binding.

Parents that have to deal with child custody issues need to remember that the courts have the final say even if the court orders placement with someone other than the parents. However, keep in mind that a court’s decision is not necessarily permanent and that the matter can be revisited and altered where appropriate.

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