Baby boomers are not immune to divorce

| Feb 27, 2014 | Divorce |

Because divorce is so common, it sometimes acts as a deterrent to marriage. It is difficult to go into something so emotional that has a chance of ending. Not only is divorce extremely emotionally charged for the parties involved, but it is also very difficult for the families of the divorcing parties because divorce causes those relationships to come to an end, as well. Emotions loom large in divorce, no matter the reasons behind it or how long the parties were together. The ending of a marriage is always a sad time to some degree.

A common misconception is that only couples that don’t have that much time in get a divorce. It is probably widely believed that if a marriage lasts for a certain number of years, divorce is no longer a concern for the couple. This belief, however, is not true at all. Recent studies show that divorce rates have increased among couples who have been married for a number of years. Couples who have been married 20 or 30 years now are filing for divorce more frequently, thus negating the myth that divorce is not a concern after so much time.

Coming to terms regarding divorce may prove to be even more difficult if the couple has been married for a longer amount of time because of all the issues that may be involved. For instance, getting divorced after 20 years of marriage can make the property division and the asset evaluations that much more complex. Based on the fact that there is more to deal with, divorce proceedings for couples in this type of situation are probably harder and take longer.

Even with all that comes into play when getting a divorce, if that is the choice you make, knowing and protecting your rights is paramount.

Source: National Public Radio, “Older Americans’ Breakups Are Causing A ‘Graying’ Divorce Trend,” Ina Jaffe, Feb. 24, 2014

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