Modifying child support orders is an available option

| Feb 5, 2014 | Child Support |

There is no way to outrun child support payments. The courts take child support very seriously, and the authorities will find those who try to circumvent the payment process. Child support is instigated when parents are getting a divorce. This is one of the issues that have to be resolved when divorce proceedings commence. The support order handed down by the courts is legally enforceable and is given full faith in credit in every state. Hence, there is no way to skip out on payments.

An ex-college star at the University of Michigan is now facing jail time for failing to pay child support. The ex-star is apparently in arrears more than $200,000 in child support for his child. He was apprehended in Florida and is being taken back to Michigan to face felony charges for non-payment. The ex-college player is the father of three children and has yet to pay support for any of them.

Non-payment in support cases is illegal, and the courts are becoming more and more heavy handed in disciplining these cases. Because the courts will modify a child support order, if presented with compelling evidence, refusal to pay is not a legitimate excuse. If there has been a change in financial circumstances, the court will take this into consideration in reducing payment amounts. This is a viable option in child support cases.

Facing child support situations head on is the best way to deal with these matters. Spending time in jail for child support infractions is unnecessary and pointless when steps can be taken to avoid it. Child support enforcement is real.

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