Reverend arrested for domestic violence in divorce dispute

| Feb 21, 2014 | Divorce |

During the end of a marriage in Livingston, there are many divorce legal issues that must be hashed out. In certain instances, the disputes do not just involve property, assets and children from the marriage as emotions become part of the equation. The human element in a divorce cannot be discounted as a couple seeks to terminate their union.

A reverend that is in the process of divorcing his wife was arrested on charges of domestic violence and interference with a crime report. The couple had been married for approximately 18 months when they chose to separate and are in the middle of sorting out their divorce legal issues. The wife asserts that her husband assaulted her at his home, while she was trying to call police. For his part, the husband states that it was him who was trying to contact the police, and that no report regarding his side of the story has been taken by law enforcement. He was arrested and released on personal bond. The divorce is ongoing and has an upcoming court date.

During the end of a marriage, the couple is likely to be concerned about many aspects of their lives. There is the division of marital property, custody and support of children, visitation rights and many other divorce legal issues that must be settled. Some divorces become contentious, while others are amicable and easily completed. Regardless of their goals and the manner in which the marriage is ended, people who are divorcing must still confront the emotions that accompany a divorce proceeding and try to do so with their best interests in mind.

In this case, the divorce has grown hostile with allegations from both sides. The reverend’s side says that his wife is seeking to extort him, while the wife says she has been abused. In any event, with these kinds of circumstances it is always wise to discuss the matter with an attorney before the dispute gets out of hand so the end of a marriage can be completed without long-range legal problems.

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