Child support payments can vary depending on the situation

| Mar 6, 2014 | Child Support |

The definition of child support is money that is paid by one parent to the other parent in a divorce or separation situation in order to care for their child/children. The whole purpose of child support is to ensure that the financial needs of the children are met, regardless of the relationship status of their parents. The courts use a standard child support formula to determine the amount of child support that is paid to the custodial parent. The money is for the care of the child and is supposed to be used for that purpose.

Famed actor, Jude Law, pays a lot of money in child support of his children. Mr. Law has children by two different women and the child support agreements are different. With his ex-wife, the agreement was for a specified amount per month for their three children. The child that Mr. Law had with his girlfriend is governed by a different agreement, which provides for a different amount to be paid for the support of that child. Just because Mr. Law is the father of all four children does not mean that the child support agreements have to be the same.

As evidenced by Jude Law’s situation, child support is ever-changing. All situations are different and call for different actions to be taken. Even though the courts can make child support decisions, court involvement is not always necessary. In some cases, the parties determine who will pay child support and how much. This usually happens in cases where the separation or divorce is amicable in nature. Unfortunately, the reality is that many divorces are contested, thus making child support a matter for the courts.

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