NFL Running Back may have to pay child support

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Child support may be one of the most contested issues among couples that are no longer together, both in Michigan, and elsewhere. Whether divorced, separated or other, child support is one of those issues that tend to make emotions run high. Since the parties involved in child support disputes are usually pretty volatile, the courts role is to take a non-emotional position on child support. The courts use the best interest of the child standard when looking at child support matters. This standard dictates how the court will proceed when addressing issues regarding child support.

NFL running back Arian Foster is possibly facing a paternity claim. A young woman claims that she is carrying his child and is seeking child support, among other things, from the star running back. Allegedly, a relationship occurred between the young woman and Foster while Foster was married. To date, he is still married and has two other children. Apparently, Foster is already making monetary payments to the woman prior to paternity being established, which may be an important point when and if this case goes to court.

Determining paternity is a necessary step prior to issuing a child support order. Fathers are responsible for child support. Child support rules and regulations differ from state to state, which is why it is important to know the applicable laws. However, when paternity is discovered and a court orders child support monthly payments, then the payor is obligated to make said payments. Child support is about the child/children and the court makes sure that the parties do not lose sight of this fact.

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