Rapper and wife decide to nix their divorce

| Jun 25, 2014 | Divorce |

Filing for divorce is a major, life-altering decision. It is not one a couple comes by lightly. After pledging to spend life with someone else and raising a family together, to just call all of that quits is an extremely difficult decision to make. However, divorce happens a lot in today’s society. Upon making the decision to divorce there are a number of matters that need to be resolved legally between the parties. For instance, some of the issues at hand in a divorce are: alimony, custody, child support, property division and visitation. These are all pretty important topics that may require legal attention.

But, just because a couple files for a divorce does not mean that they will always go through with it. Couples reconcile all the time. To that point, our readers may have heard that famed rapper Antwan Andre Patton, better known as “Big Boi,” was headed for divorce when his wife filed the paperwork to commence the proceeding. In the filing his wife asked for support and a split of the marital assets. However, the filing is now moot as the couple withdrew the filing, which means that they are no longer getting a divorce.

Reconciliation can happen, although it usually doesn’t happen as often as divorce does. Keeping that in mind, if a Michigan resident is going through with a divorce, knowing one’s rights and responsibilities is important. Questions surrounding alimony, child support and spousal support are almost always decided by the courts because money is involved and the courts normally use a formula to determine how the monies will be divided.

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