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August 2014 Archives

Contractually binding matters facing unmarried couples

Marriage used to be part of the natural progression of a relationship for a lot of couples. But, these days many couples are making the conscious decision to not get married, and instead they are co-habitating and still beginning families. The legal bonds of marriage clearly do not apply to unmarried couples, which leaves a lot of unanswered questions if an unmarried couple decides to end the relationship. Depending on where the couple resides, there may be a few different legal options.

Are military personnel at a disadvantage in child custody cases?

Child custody is difficult for any couple that has to go through it. Because there is the potential for a parent to lose time with their child, emotions tend to run high during child custody battles. The courts have to look at what is in the best interest of the child and often this might not line up with what the parents want.

Well-known rapper faces child support issues

Child support payments in Michigan are decided by the courts. The court utilizes a child support formula to come up with the amount of child support that must be paid. The formula takes into account the finances of the parties involved, the needs of the child as well as the best interest of the child. The money paid in child support goes to the good and welfare of the child to ensure that the child has everything that he or she needs. The intent of child support is not to punish the parent that has to pay the support. Rather the purpose of child support is completely for the benefit of the child.

Financial matters in divorce and their effect on women

Divorce can prove to be contentious for some Michigan couples. For instance, financial matters can be a source of great contention. In most cases, especially in contested divorces, the courts will take the lead on how to divide finances in divorce. Depending on the applicable divorce guidelines, there are different ways in which the court can view money distribution in divorce. Who gets what monetarily is mostly up to the courts.

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