Famous father on the hook for child support . . . again

| Sep 26, 2014 | Child Support |

In situations where a couple has children and are going to get a divorce, child support will be at the forefront of the divorce proceedings. Child support is monies paid for the health and wealth of the child. The children must be provided for especially when a couple is divorcing. Unfortunately, sometimes, the needs of the child/children may get lost in everything else that is going one during a divorce proceeding. The courts are there however to ensure that this does not happen. The court make the determination about child support and use the best interest of the child standard to do so.

Matthew Knowles, father of famous singer Beyonce, is allegedly the father of another child. Knowles was recently taken to court over child support payments for a child that he fathered outside of his marriage some time ago. In that case the court actually modified the monthly payments to the mother and lessened the amount that Knowles had to pay for the care and custody of his son. In this most recent case, a DNA test showed that there is a good chance that Knowles is the father again. This all came about because the mother sued Knowles for child support.

Notwithstanding a DNA test proving paternity, the courts still must decide how much child support will be paid. There are child support formulas out there to help the courts in making final monetary decisions. The courts take into account a number of factors such as but not limited to the financial status of the parties and the placement of the child. Even where the parties are in disagreement with a child support order, they can always go back before the court for a hearing.

Child support is an important issue in divorce that requires due attention. Sometimes, a lawyer can help with the process, or at least make it easier.

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