What is the residency requirement for divorce in Michigan?

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Divorce is a legal proceeding that requires a court order to be valid. There are certain processes and procedures that parties have to go through in order to secure a divorce. Depending on where the couple wants to get a divorce will dictate the regulations that need to be followed. Each state is different with regards to what is needed in terms of a divorce. Mandated statutes and guidelines are in place to ensure that the divorce is conducted properly. Once the paperwork is completed and a claim is filed and all the other rules have been satisfied, then the court will issue a divorce decree.

As mentioned previously, each state has guidelines particular to their state with respect to how a divorce is handled. In Michigan for instance, in order to begin divorce proceedings within the state, one party has to be a resident of Michigan for at least six months. This criteria has to be met prior to beginning any type of divorce proceeding. Once that is established, the parties have to file the appropriate paperwork in the appropriate court. Family court matters usually fall under the purview of circuit court and not district court.

To make a divorce as simple as possible in Michigan as well as in other states, settling as many issues as possible before going through the divorce process will go a long way to making for a smoother divorce. Any divorce legal issues that can be resolved outside of court in a non-legal, non-adversarial atmosphere will only help the parties in the long run. Where settlement is not possible, then those matters may have to be decided by the court.

Divorce is a difficult thing to go through. Where feasible, making it as seamless and as easy as possible should be the goal.

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