What is premises liability?

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During the course of a normal day, an individual may encounter numerous unsafe and hazardous conditions. From a neighbor who fails to maintain a slippery walk to a stack of boxes that obstructs a busy walkway at a retail store, individuals must always do their best to remain aware, alert and vigilent to avoid injury or harm.

However, what does happen if an individual slips on his or her neighbor’s sidewalk and breaks an arm or trips over boxes at a store and twists an ankle? Who is responsible and, more importantly, who can be held liable?

Premises liability law deals with injuries and harm that result from a property owner’s negligence. Defendants that may be named in premises liability lawsuits include store owners, hotels, government entities, homeowners, banks and nearly any other place of business or type of property that is open to the public.

In addition to slip or trip and fall cases, premises liability lawsuits may center on injuries that are suffered due to negligent security, inadequate lighting, failure to maintain and dog bites. Each state has specific rules with regard to when and how a lawsuit must be filed. Therefore, individuals who have suffered injury and believe they may have a valid  claim, would be wise to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Injuries related to slip and fall accidents or dog bites can be painful and negatively impact an indivdiual’s physical and mental health in numerous ways. In successful premises liability cases, an individual may be able to recover compensation related to lost wages, injuries, disability and medical expenses.

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