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June 2015 Archives

Why parents may be the most distracted of all drivers

Most Michigan residents are familiar with the term distracted driving and understand the dangers associated with talking or texting on a cellphone, eating or tuning the radio station while driving. While there's no doubt that these activities are indeed distracting and dangerous for drivers, a 2013 Australian study revealed what may very well be the most distracting thing of all to a driver—his or her child.

Motorcyclists and motorists reminded to share road safely

For much of the county, the winter of 2014 and 2015 was one of the snowiest on record. As residents throughout the country enjoy the warmer spring temperatures, those who own motorcycles are likely eager to take to the open road. However, after a several months-long hiatus, both motorcyclists and motorists are likely to experience a readjustment period.

Study shows in-vehicle safety features are in high demand

Anyone who has recently shopped for or purchased a new vehicle likely heard an earful from the sales associate about a vehicle's technological advances and features. While there's often much hype about all the new built-in navigation, video and cellphone syncing features; a new survey by J.D. Power reveals that the average U.S. consumer is much more concerned about safety.

Taking legal action after a motor vehicle accident

Involvement in a car, truck or motorcycle accident can forever change and alter the course of one's life and those of one’s family members. Painful and debilitating injuries are common among motor vehicle accident survivors and often result in those impacted incurring hefty medical expenses, being forced to take time off of work and suffering chronic pain. In cases where an individual believes that an accident resulted due to the negligent acts of another driver, it's wise to explore one's legal options.

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