What should I know about Michigan no-fault insurance?

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One of the most important benefits of a Michigan no-fault insurance policy is the fact that it covers all the family members who live in your home with you. For example, if your family member is riding as a passenger in another person’s car and suffers an injury in an accident, your injured loved one will receive protection benefits relating to his or her injuries. The same is true if your loved one is hurt as a pedestrian.

Personal injury protection benefits of a no-fault policy will also pay compensation to people who do have not have no-fault policies, but are hurt as a pedestrians or passengers in accidents that involve your vehicle. Furthermore, benefits will be extended to individuals hurt while riding on a motorcycle that is involved in an accident with your car.

The benefits and details relating to a particular no-fault insurance policy will vary depending on the terms of the policy. Since each insurance policy is different, it is important to read the nuances of your particular policy to be certain how you and your loved ones will be treated in an injurious accident.

It may also be helpful to have an in-depth conversation with the insurance agent who underwrote your policy. Alternatively, it may be beneficial to speak with a representative from the Department of Insurance and Financial Services to get more information about how no-fault insurance works in Michigan.

A personal injury attorney who has a lot of experience dealing with insurance companies may also be helpful to individuals who have been injured or who have a family member who has been injured in a car accident.

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