Many factors impact Michigan alimony matters

| Oct 6, 2016 | Family Law |

Alimony is a very circumstance-dependent divorce issue here in Michigan. When making decisions in spousal support cases, there are various guidelines state courts are to consider. Due to the wide range of factors incorporated into these guidelines, there are many different circumstances that can end up being influential in alimony cases.

For one, the personal characteristics of the divorcing individuals can matter greatly. The age and health of the divorcing parties are among the factors included in the state’s guidelines.

The details of the marriage can also have significant impacts in spousal support matters. How long a marriage went, whether there was any domestic violence in the marriage and who was at fault in the divorce can influence a court’s decision in such matters.

Also, economic issues can end up being big ones in alimony cases. There are numerous financial factors in the state’s spousal support guidelines, including the spouses’: income, expenses, earning potential and standard of living.

So, there are many details that can impact what kinds of alimony issues come up in a divorce. This could cause a divorcing person to feel confused about what their legal situation is when it comes to spousal support. So, there are many questions a person may have in alimony cases.

It can be very important for a divorcing individual to get accurate answers to such questions, as being well-prepared and having the right information can be critical in divorce proceedings, including those involving alimony. This is why having a skilled divorce lawyer around to answer one’s questions can be so crucial when dealing with spousal support matters in a divorce.

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