New protections proposed in Michigan for family abuse victims who rent

| Oct 27, 2016 | Family Law |

No two victims of domestic violence are the same. They vary in all sorts of things, such as their family situation, their living situation, their overall goals following an abuse incident and the nature of the violence committed against them. A domestic violence victim’s individual circumstances can impact many things. This includes what legal issues are key ones for them following the abuse incident. Skilled family lawyers understand how critical personalized legal guidance can be for individuals who have suffered domestic abuse and can help such individuals with impactful legal issues that come up, like issues regarding personal protective orders.

Another thing the specific circumstances of a domestic violence victim can impact is what kinds of concerns they have in the wake of the abuse. For example, when such an individual lives in a rental property, some special concerns can be present, such as concerns regarding the property’s locks and the lease.

A bill has been brought to Michigan’s legislature that is aimed at addressing some of the special concerns that can arise for domestic violence victims who rent their residence.

One thing the bill would allow is for such a victim to have the perpetrator removed from the lease if they are a co-tenant with them.

The bill would also give family abuse victims who are renters the option to have the locks on the property they rent changed. Among the things that a person would have to do to avail themselves of this option is provide their landlord with written notice. The perpetrator would not get keys to the new locks, even if they were a co-tenant.

If this bill were to pass, how big of an impact do you think these new protections would have on the safety of victims of family abuse who are renters?

Source: WWMT, “New bill to offer better domestic violence protection for some Michigan victims,” Oct. 20, 2016

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