Sociologists weigh in on top causes of divorce

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Divorce rates in the United States remain fairly steady at fifty percent. Sociologists throughout the country have conducted numerous studies to determine the future of divorce rates and common factors that contribute to the dissolution of a marriage.

When it comes to the question about the future of the divorce rate in our country, it appears sociologists predict that this rate, originally set by the Baby Boomer generation, will likely continue with Millennials.

The second question, analyzing common causes, can be a bit more complicated.

Divorce statistics: What are some common causes of divorce?

A piece in Bloomberg recently analyzed a number of different studies – one of which spanned over 17 years and included more than 2,000 people – in an attempt to determine some of the common causes of divorce.

The study that spanned almost twenty years was one of the more interesting, providing some concrete data on factors that often contribute to divorce. Of this group, 274 couples divorced. Individuals that were divorced were asked to share what made them decide to file for divorce. These couples cited the following as three of the top causes of divorce:

  • Unfaithfulness. A failure to remain faithful was listed as a top cause of divorce within this study. The study broke responses down by male and female participants. This cause was listed by 25.2 percent of female participants and 15.6 percent of males.
  • Incompatibility. 19.5 percent of male participants and 19.1 percent of females stated that the marriage ended because the couple was no longer compatible.
  • Overuse of drugs or alcohol. This cause contributed to 13.7 of female filings and 5.2 percent of male.

This study, even though it goes back twenty years, is applicable today. These issues are not new. These issues have plagued couples for decades.

Those facing these struggles are not alone. The report by Bloomberg notes that the estimation of fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce translates to approximately 800,000 couples getting divorced every single year.

Divorce realities: Do I need a lawyer?

If you are facing similar struggles and these struggles lead you to consider divorce, it is often wise to contact an experienced divorce attorney. This legal professional will guide you through the process, discussing the pros and cons of various options and working to better ensure a more favorable outcome.

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