Subtle things can lead to feelings of betrayal in a marriage

| Oct 12, 2016 | Family Law |

One of the things that can severely endanger a marriage is strong feelings of betrayal building up within the relationship. Thus, ensuring their partner doesn’t feel betrayed is something a married individual may care deeply about.

There are certain big, explosive events that can majorly ramp up feelings of betrayal within a marriage. One is infidelity. When it comes to efforts to maintain strong trust within a marriage, a married individual may be tempted to primarily focus on avoiding these big and obvious betrayal sources.

It is important to acknowledge though that there are also more subtle ways betrayal can enter a marriage. There are certain spousal behaviors that can slowly erode the trust a person has in their spouse. Examples of such behaviors by a spouse include emotionally withdrawing, not being committed to the relationship and emotional cheating (having friendships that are too emotionally intimate). These more subtle betrayal sources, over time, can end up being just as damaging to a marriage, if not more so, than big, dramatic events like infidelity.

So, when trying to ensure that trust levels remain strong within a marriage, it is not only important to be aware of and avoid the obvious causes of feelings of betrayal, but the more subtle ones as well.

Ignoring things of a more subtle nature is not only risky in a marriage. It can also be very problematic when getting a divorce. Divorces don’t just involve obvious issues; they can also include various subtle ones. Just because a divorce issue is subtle doesn’t mean it isn’t still very important to properly address. Divorce attorneys can help individuals with identifying key subtle issues in their divorce.

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