Prenups rising in popularity among millennials

| Nov 2, 2016 | Family Law |

Different generations can experience very different trends when it comes to family law matters. For example, each generation can have its own particular prevailing views and practices when it comes to marriage and divorce. They can also have their own trends when it comes to legal devices like prenuptial agreements.

A recent survey points to their being a rise in the popularity of such agreements among individuals in the millennial generation. This was an American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey. Among the things the surveyed lawyers were asked about was whether they had seen an increase in millennials seeking out prenuptial agreements. A little over half of the respondents said that they had. And the percentage of respondents who said they have instead witnessed a decrease in prenup interest among millennials was only 2 percent.

What do you think is leading to the increased interest in prenuptial agreements among millennials?

Soon-to-be married couples of all ages could find benefits in having a prenuptial agreement. What stage of life a couple is in could, however, impact what kinds of terms they may want to have in such an agreement. Such agreements can be tailored to meet a wide range of different concerns. What particular financial concerns the members of a couple might have going into a marriage can greatly depend on their personal circumstances, including what stage of life they are in. Skilled attorneys can help individuals who are about to get married and desire a prenup, whether they be millennials or in a different age group, understand what sort of terms a prenup could have for addressing the particular concerns they have.

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