When a bar fight leads to criminal charges

| Nov 10, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

Occasionally, things get out of hand at a bar, and a fight occurs. Being connected to a bar fight could lead to a person facing a difficult legal situation. Sometimes, following such an altercation, a person ends up facing criminal allegations, like accusations of assault and battery, in relation to the fight.

The charges being accused of having committed a crime in connection to a bar fight could lead to a person facing could end up being quite severe. This could particularly be the case if the person was accused of things like having used a weapon in the fight or if the fight resulted in someone getting hurt (especially if the injury is severe).

It can be an incredibly alarming experience for a person when a simple night out at the bar has suddenly turned into them facing the possibility of serious charges. They may greatly fear for their future and be worried that they will just be assumed to be guilty of what they have been accused of.

Now, bar fights can be chaotic things. So, police could end up reaching the wrong conclusion about what happened in the fight, such as who started it or what the fight involved. So, careful review of evidence regarding a bar fight can be key in understanding what options a person facing charges in relation to the fight would have for fighting the charges.

Our firm understands the key role evidence issues can play in cases involving things such as bar fights, and is committed to conducting a thorough examination of the facts when representing individuals in these kinds of cases.

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