Survey: texting/emailing while driving common among Michigan young adults

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Among the things that could cause young adult drivers to pose a danger to others is being distracted behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a recent survey suggests that many young adult drivers here in Michigan are engaging in distracting conduct on their cellphones when driving.

The survey was of a group of individuals from Michigan in the 20 to 30 age group. When asked about how often they texted or emailed while driving, 41 percent of the surveyed drivers said they did so regularly and over 26 percent said this was a type of conduct they did daily.

It is important for drivers of all ages to give driving their undivided attention. This is especially the case during winter months, as the winter season can create some special safety challenges for drivers, such as those posed by snowy roads. Unfortunately, the survey indicates that many young drivers in the state may be willing to engage in cellphone-related distractions in winter weather conditions. Of the drivers polled in the survey, 22 percent admitted to texting while driving in snowy weather.

What kinds of things do you think could help with encouraging young adult drivers in the state to drive safely and stay away from distracted driving in the winter and other parts of the year?

One hopes that, this winter, all Michigan drivers, young and old, will take care to be attentive and distraction-free when out driving.

Individuals hurt in winter weather accidents, including those caused by distracted drivers, may want to discuss legal matters with a skilled personal injury attorney. This can help with getting an understanding of the legal options one has.

Source: Michigan State Police, “41 Percent Of Michigan Young Adult Drivers Text And Email While Driving,” Dec. 1, 2016

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