What is ‘phubbing’?

| Dec 22, 2016 | Family Law |

The rise of the prevalence of smartphones has led to a lot of new terms. These new terms touch on a wide range of things, including the behavior of individuals in a marriage or other romantic relationship. One new term that falls into this area is “phubbing.”

What does “phubbing” mean? It is a term for when a person, when they are in the presence of their partner, lets their smartphone distract them and draw their attention away from their partner.

A recent study suggests that phubbing is among the things that can create trouble in a relationship.

In the survey, 175 American adults in romantic relationships were polled about things such as: being phubbed, how much in the way of smartphone-related conflict there was in their relationship and their relationship satisfaction level.

The survey’s results indicated that individuals who reported higher levels of phubbing from their partner tended to have a higher likelihood of having more in the way of smartphone-related conflict in their relationship. Furthermore, high levels of smartphone conflict in a relationship were linked to lower relationship satisfaction levels.

So, how they act when it comes to their smartphone when around their spouse is among the many things married individuals may want to, for the sake of their marriage, be mindful of.

As this illustrates, technology has added to things that can be areas of concern for a married couple. Technology has also added to the types of things that can be big issues in a divorce. For example, these days, digital evidence, such as evidence regarding a spouse’s social media or online activity, could potentially have an impact on divorce issues, like child custody. As with more traditional divorce issues, when it comes to technology-related issues in divorce, having good legal guidance can be key for a divorcing person.

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