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January 2017 Archives

Watch out for these persistent problems with eyewitnesses

Eyewitness testimony really is not that reliable, and courts have finally begun to take note. After all, it is impossible to ignore the fact that DNA has exonerated many people originally convicted based on eyewitness accounts. If you have been charged with a crime such as carjacking or arson, it is possible that significant flaws exist in the prosecution's case, thanks to the imprudent reliance on eyewitnesses.

Difficult family law matters can come up for grandparents

Being a grandparent can be full of wonderful moments. It can also have its very hard moments. One particularly challenging and heartbreaking situation some grandparents here in Michigan end up facing is being prohibited from visiting their grandchild anymore by one of the child’s parents or custody-holders.

What to avoid when divorcing

The time period right after splitting up with one’s spouse can be a very emotional and difficult one for a person. It can also be an incredibly impactful one. The actions a person takes during this time period can have many repercussions, including emotional effects and long-term consequences for one’s life.

When is drunk driving a felony in Michigan?

Felony charges can expose a person to major punishments in the event that the charges result in a conviction. So, when a person has had felony charges brought against them, what ends up happening in their case can have some very big impacts. So, when facing any sort of felony charge, it can be important for a person to have the guidance of lawyer skilled at handling defense matters involving this serious class of charges.

Speed limit bills passed in Michigan

On roads with higher speed limits, the consequences of unsafe driving can be particularly catastrophic. Dangerous conduct on such roads could lead to high-speed accidents, which can have an especially high chance of resulting in serious injuries or deaths. So, when on high-speed roads, it is critical for drivers to be very careful about their driving conduct. Skilled lawyers can advise individuals harmed by drivers who fail to do this on compensation issues regarding their injuries.

You don't have to be perfect to parent

Battles over child custody and visitation can be incredibly painful and contentious. Parents are often willing to do or say whatever they can to protect their relationship with their child, which means there are often hurtful, ugly and sometimes untrue accusations made during these cases.

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