Difficult family law matters can come up for grandparents

| Jan 30, 2017 | Family Law |

Being a grandparent can be full of wonderful moments. It can also have its very hard moments. One particularly challenging and heartbreaking situation some grandparents here in Michigan end up facing is being prohibited from visiting their grandchild anymore by one of the child’s parents or custody-holders.

In addition to the personal loss a grandparent may feel in the face of such a ban, they may have significant worries about their grandchild. They may worry that the child will be harmed by being isolated from them.

Now, while custody-holders and parents generally hold a favored position under the law when it comes to these types of matters, there are circumstances under which a grandparent may be able to successfully petition a Michigan court for visitation rights with their grandchild in a situation in which their grandchild is being kept from them. How strong of a position a grandparent would be in for pursuing such rights can be affected by many things, including:

  • The particular circumstances of the family. A list of examples of circumstances under which petitions for grandparent visitation rights generally can be brought can be seen on the grandparents’ rights page of our website.
  • Whether their petition is opposed by just one or both of a child’s parents.
  • How fit the child’s parents are.
  • What evidence a grandparent would be able to show indicating that it would be harmful for their grandchild to be kept from them.

So, in addition to sadness and worry, another thing that a Michigan grandparent might feel after being kept from their grandchild is confusion over whether they have any legal options for trying to obtain the right to have visiting time with the child. One thing a grandparent may find helpful in getting greater clarity on this front is talking their situation over with a skilled family law attorney. In such challenging and delicate situations, what legal advice and guidance a grandparent has ready access to can matter considerably.

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