Good communication can be critical for a parent when divorcing

| Jan 5, 2017 | Family Law |

When a parent gets a divorce, many things can impact how the divorce and its aftermath end up affecting their kids. This includes the communication they engage in during and after the divorce.

There are all kinds of critical conversations a parent can end up having in relation to their divorce. And these conversations can be with multiple different parties. So, there are many fronts in which good communication can be very important for a parent who is going through a divorce.

These fronts include:

  • Communication with their kids. The things a parent says to their kids when in a divorce can have major impacts. Good communication could help the divorce go easier for the kids, while communication missteps could up the fear, confusion or worry a child is experiencing in relation to the divorce. Among the things a recent Michigan State University Extension article identified as important things for divorcing parents to do when it comes to talking to their kids about the divorce are: keeping the lines of communication open, letting the kids know the divorce isn’t their fault, giving their kids the reassurance they need, keeping what they say to the kids about the divorce age-appropriate and talking jointly with one’s ex to the kids about the divorce if possible.
  • Communication with their ex. How effectively and civilly parents are able to communicate with each other after getting a divorce can have implications on their co-parenting efforts.
  • Communication with their divorce lawyer. The quality of the communication between a divorcing parent and their lawyer is one of the many things that could impact how the process of navigating divorce issues ends up going for a parent. This can have implications both for the parent and their kids. This is why having the representation of a compassionate divorce attorney who will work hard to understand your situation and to ensure you are on the same page when working to address key issues in the divorce can be such a critical thing for a parent when divorcing.
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