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February 2017 Archives

How law enforcement uses social media in criminal investigations

Social media continues to grow as a huge part of day-to-day life. Many people are so used to sharing and interacting on social networks that they do not give much thought to what they post. However, careless posts on social media can be a windfall for law enforcement agents looking for a conviction. Being aware of how police officers use social media in their investigations can help you steer clear of potentially risky situations.

Starting a business can be a post-divorce goal

Divorce can spell the end of one chapter of a person's life and the start of a brand new one. Some might find the beginning of this new chapter to be a good time to dive into some of their goals for their life that have been on the shelf for awhile. For some people, this might include starting a business.

Why you might not get your driver's license back after a DUI

Bein g charged with DUI is scary for anyone, and then the practical consequences begin to mount. For example, if you depended on your driver's license to get to work or to ferry the kids to school and sports, the loss of your license can hit hard. Many people get their licenses back within a few months, but not all do. Below are a few top reasons why.

Fatal winter weather car accidents in Michigan

Each season can carry its own particular safety concerns with it when it comes to the roads. Here in Michigan, winter can bring with it a lot of different types of weather that can pose major safety hazards on the roads. Examples of such weather conditions include snowfall, snow squalls, ice, sleet and freezing rain.

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