March’s second half to see upped drunk driving patrols in Michigan

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We are entering the second half of March, which sees many notable events. This includes the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and the NCAA basketball tournament. So, this time of year, people can be attending all different sorts of festivities and parties. Among the things that can be important for a person when participating in the season’s fun is staying out of situations that could lead to them facing accusations of drunk driving.

Drunk driving allegations can carry many serious consequences for a person. They can expose a person to arrests and criminal charges.

And drunk driving is something police in the state are keeping a particularly close eye out for this time of year. In addition to seasonal festivities, another thing a person may be seeing here in Michigan in the next couple of weeks is more drunk driving patrols out on the roads. This is due to a law enforcement campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

The campaign will involve increased drunk-driving-focused enforcement throughout the state. This time of increased enforcement starts today and will go until March 29.

Lots of drunk driving charges can come out of these sorts of enforcement efforts. Whatever the circumstances that led to a person facing drunk driving charges, it can be important to them to have a firm grasp of their defense options. How their case ends up going carry all sorts of significant impacts with it. So, promptly seeking out guidance and help with one’s defense from a skilled attorney can be a critical step following being accused of drunk driving.

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