What types of distracted driving are (and aren’t) illegal in Michigan?

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Distracted driving comes in various types. Michigan law treats different types of distracted driving differently. Today, we will go over the legal status of some notable types of distracted driving here in Michigan.

Michigan law directly bans texting while driving. There are some narrow exceptions to this restriction.

Many of the other major types of distracted driving, however, are not subject to a direct statewide ban here in Michigan. This includes:

  • Talking on the phone while driving.
  • Adjusting GPS devices while driving.
  • Eating while driving.

Now, while these types of distracted driving aren’t directly prohibited statewide, this does not mean drivers can’t face penalties for engaging in these activities behind the wheel here in Michigan.

For one, local laws can come into play. Some communities in the state ban drivers from using cellphones while driving within their borders.

Also, any type of distracted driving activity could lead to a person facing a careless driving citation in the state if police deem that the activity adversely affected a person’s driving.

Another thing it is important to note is that distracted driving, whether it comes in a banned form or an unbanned form, is dangerous. Any type of distracted driving has the potential to result in harmful accidents. Whatever type of distracted driving was involved, when a person is harmed by a distracted driver, it can be crucial for them to understand their legal situation regarding compensation. What actions a victim of a distracted driving accident takes when it comes to compensation matters can have lasting ramifications. So, promptly seeking out legal guidance can be key following being injured by a distracted driver.

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